A premium supermarket without premium markups

Award-winning staples, shipped straight from the source. No middlemen or markups. Coming soon.

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250 Award-winning supermarket staples

From peak-season California produce to handcrafted Vermont cheese. From premium butcher cuts to plant based protein. We've designed an entire supermarket with the country's best staples. And we've partnered with award-winning artisans to make it. 

Radically fair prices

With Move, you get premium groceries for 30% less. Here's how we make it happen- We cut out the middlemen and the brand and sell everything at cost (by making out money on membership). This way, the producer makes more and you pay less. Win-win.

Free shipping everywhere

Free nationwide grocery shipping. Even on perishables. No parking, no hauling and no waiting at home. Now it doesn't matter where you are- you can still get the best of everything.

Transparent sourcing

See who made your food and how much money they made. Know the whole story behind where your food comes from and where your money goes. Some people call it "transparency in supply chain"- we just call it the right way to do business.

Premium groceries at fair prices. Shipped from the source.

Two years ago, we set out to build the supermarket of the future. Since then, we've partnered with the greatest artisans in America, built a community of 100,000 people and designed a revolutionary online experience. But we're just getting started. In 2019, we're going to bring Move to the World. This year, we're going to change how you buy household products forever.


What is Move?

Move is a new supermarket. We make and find the best groceries in the country and ship them to you.

By taking out the brands, the middlemen and the markups, we are making even the best products radically more affordable.

We're launching in June 2019. In the meantime, you can reserve a membership to save $100. Click here to do that.

Better products for less- how do you make that work?

Simple- we work directly with the best artisans and cut out the middlemen. Then, by only selling our own brand, we cut out all the brands. And finally by charging a membership fee, we remove the markups that traditional supermarkets charge. 

When is Move launching?

June 2019 for people who preorder membership. You can do that here.

September 2019 for everyone else.

How many products will Move sell?

We'll open the store with 100 products.

After that, we'll add new products every week. Within this year, we want to be at 250. Over time, we want to go to about 1,000 products.

Who makes these products?

Award-winning artisans. We work with the craftsmen who traditionally make small-batch gourmet products- Michelin bakers, food scientists, 3rd generation butchers- people who've dedicated themselves to perfecting one thing.

Traditionally, their products are made and sold for a small audience of connoisseurs and chefs. 

But working together, we've designed an entire supermarket, to make their products accessible to everyone. 

Will Move replace my usual supermarket?

That's the plan.

On day one, starting with grocery, we want to replace at least 70% of your supermarket shopping. 

Over time, we want to make and ship everything you buy for your house, with the same mission- make products that are better and cost less.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is always free. We deliver to the lower 48 states.

Sometime we have delivery minimums for specific products- especially perishables. That'll require you to buy a specific amount to get a delivery. But even then, delivery is still free.

Do you have to be a member to shop with Move?

Yes. We are a members-only store. Here's why:

1. Economics: Membership allows us to dramatically reduce the markup on actual products. It allows us to sell products at an incredibly fair price- while still making the healthiest margin in grocery. 

2. Customer experience: With membership, we can invest heavily in the customer experience- introducing things like a concierge for every customer, weekly events, and high quality content.

3. Innovation: we believe in democratizing retail. So, when we design and introduce new products, we need to be sure of the customer feedback we hear. Feedback coming from a paying member is a lot more trustworthy than that coming from a standard e-commerce customer.

4. Community: Something we care about deeply is to have a real and meaningful relationship without customers. Most e-commerce companies are very transactional with their relationships. We want to completely flip that We want you as a customer to know that you’re supporting a cause and that you’re in a group of like-minded product evangelists. Through membership, we can make that clear. We can actually involve our community in major company decisions- knowing that we’re talking to a very specific and special person.

How much does membership cost?

When we open the store, membership will cost $199 per year.

Right now, you can preorder membership for $99 per year (save $100).

Between now and June (when we launch), membership fees for new members will go up, till the finally get to $199 per year. Members who subscribe at a specific fee get grandfathered in at that fee.

So if you preorder now, when membership costs $99- that's what you'll pay regardless of what we charge for membership in the future.

That's our way of saying thank you to early supporters.

Do I need to buy membership now?

You don't have to. But we recommend that you do. Here's why:

1. Be the first to get in: Folks who preorder membership get in months before everyone else. So if you want to lead your pack, preorder now.

2. Save $100: The cost of membership will go up every week. Membership to Move will never cost as little as it does now.  As an early supporter (preorder member), you get grandfathered in- meaning you pay the same cost for membership regardless of what we charge in the future.

3. Be a part of the team: Preorder members get personal weekly updates from the Founder and a direct line to the team. As a preorder member, you hear about  what new products we've sourced, new features we've built etc. Beyond that, your voice is actually heard. You get to take part in polls and make major decisions about the future of Move.

How can I invest?

You can invest in Move here. We take investments as small as $100.

Obviously, this is not how most companies raise money. There's a reason we do it this way- we believe in retail that isn't transactional. We believe in working with our customers to make the company better. What better way to make that happen than to let customers own the company? By allowing everyone to invest in Move, we give our customers a stake in our success.

Beyond that, we save ourselves from making a mistake that so many companies before us have made- making two companies, one for customers and one for investors. At Move, we care about one stakeholder-- you. This is how we show it.

How can I start shopping with Move?

The store hasn't launched yet. But you can already preorder Membership.

We will open the store to all preorder members between June and September. Once we've opened the store to you, you can start shopping immediately.