Fresh Strozzapreti

Our hand-milled Strozzapreti preserves the nutrients and amino acids that are often lost in conventional milling. The fresh, delicate pasta cooks quickly and is best tossed with olive oil.

The Pasta Chef in San Francisco

Chef Joshua from San Francisco has an incredible passion for producing hand-milled flour. With his direct to farm sourced grain he crafts Fresh Pasta, and wood oven Pizzas. He works with local chefs and Retailers to produce custom recipes and goods available at many restaurants and stores in the Bay area. On weekends you can find him at local farmer’s markets, and popping up all over in San Francisco.

Clean Label

Calories 240
Fats 1g
Protein 8g
Carbohydrates 53g
Servings 3

Clean Ingredients


Blend of Durum and Red Wheat, Water, Rice Flour (to prevent sticking)



Fresh Strozzapreti

12 ounces
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Fresh Strozzapreti