Bolivian White Quinoa

Grown in the highest altitude regions of Bolivia, this ancient grain is the largest of its kind. The high protein, vitamin, and mineral content are unlike other plant protein sources.

The Farmers in La Paz, Bolivia

In 2008, Sergio Nunez de Arco partnered with local entrepreneurs in Bolivia hoping to vastly improve the world's access to high-quality quinoa. Building his brand around the people of Altiplano, he measures success in benefit to the community as opposed to his bottom line. Within Bolivia, the conditions surrounding quinoa continues to worsen, but Sergio refuses to do things differently, quite simply, he does what he's convinced is right.

Clean Label

Calories 180
Fats 3g
Protein 5g
Carbohydrates 34g
Servings 8

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Organic White Quinoa

Bolivian White Quinoa
8 ounces
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Bolivian White Quinoa