Vegetable Paella Valenciana

Valencian weeknight paella made with roasted fall vegetables, organic olive oil & spices.

The Move Kitchen in San Francisco

To make our line of chef-grade ready meals, we paired up with Allie and David Davari— a legendary San Francisco restaurateur couple with 25 years and 5 restaurants to their name. Our team spent hundreds of hours in Allie and David's kitchen—experimenting, tasting and perfecting these recipes. The result is a line of ready meals that breaks the mold for the category— delicious, nutritious and gourmet.

Clean Label

Calories 234
Fats 5g
Protein 6g
Carbohydrates 42g
Servings 1


Rice, Onion, Tomatoes, Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Peas, Garlic, Paprika, Garlic, Olive Oil

Vegetable Paella Valenciana
12 ounce meal
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Vegetable Paella Valenciana